Denziens of the Plane of Unlife, the unliving or undead are those poor creatures that have had their pattern corrupted by necromancy and whose lives have been taken out of the cycle of life and subjected to this eternal damnation.

The undead came in all shapes and sizes, from the weakest zombie to the strongest Liche. The weakest are unthinking automations, mindless and used as arrow fodder by any that need cheap warriors. The stronger unliving start to be able to think for themselves, and the strongest weild the powers of High Magic or Dark Incantation to aid them.

All unliving have many things in common with one another;

* They all show up under Detect Unliving incantations.
* They are all outside the Ritual of Peace.
* Their patterns make them unable to be healed by those who can channel healing into living patterns.
* Mindless unliving are just that, they have no concept of self presevation
* All undead can be dismissed (or controlled) by incantors.

The strongest weapon against the unliving is incantation in the name of the Ancestors. No matter how powerful an unliving creature is, it can be dismissed by a large enough sized Incantor wedge. Many weapons have also been created to combat the unliving, but even these can be ineffective against those undead that lack bodies.

Unliving Creatures of Caledonia

While not a diffinitive list, these are some of the most common types of unliving which might be encountered in Caledonia

* Bain Sidhe
* Barrow Wights
* Cold Undead
* Ghouls
* Incoporeal Unliving
* Liche Elm
* Liches
* Skeletons
* Vampires
* Wights
* Zombies

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