The Red Hand Clan

The tribe was started (as all legends are), back in the shrouds of time when James MacBond The Third, a warrior bard of no small repute was getting increasingly dissatisfied with his recitations being interrupted by Formorian raiders.

He called forth those brave, foolish or just plain drunk enough to chase the Formor across the lands of Caledonia and Erin back to the western sea. Many tales talk of this deed, most of them made up to disguise the fact that it was just a great day out, the sea breeze was lovely and there was a nice local inn along the shoreline.

Although probably by accident rather than good planning James MacBond and his band of warriors did in deed manage to chase the Formorians into the sea (although the Formor still claim to this day that if James MacBond had not been singing the one that goes dum diddy diddy diddy dum diddy diddy diddy they would have been able to take him more seriously and thus make a stand).

James MacBond's problems only really began, though, when seeing the enemy fleeing under the waves he stopped singing. He turned his back on the sea and faced his men for the applause, but before his encore the Formorian Elite Guard rose from the sea, surrounded James and crushed his body with their mighty blows.

Bloody critics.

As James died he tried to grab his Lyre back from the Formorians, strumming out the last few chords of the one that goes diddy diddy dum dum. His warrior band chased the Formor from the land leaving James MacBond The Thirds broken body lying on the sands, with his lyre near him broken stringed and covered in his bloody red hand prints.

Since then they have lived a peaceful life for many years on the furthest western isles] becoming a forgotten tribe.

The Red Hand Clan was decimated by a huge Formorian force in 1099 and are now led by the MacEmily's. In recent years they have moved through the islands of Erin, Orkneyjar and Caledonia as warriors, bards, and chaos beekeepers.

They are easily spotted with their painted red hands, love of ale and song, and bearing a slight scent of honey.

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