The Order Of Baruth

++The Order of Baruth.

Formed during the years of strife fighting the barbarian warrior scum from the East, the order of Baruth is made up of it's knights, the holy order and the seers. Created as it was, in the tempering of battle, the knights of the order survived through both strength of arms and forethought. Many was the time where the enemy were superior in number, with better training and tactics winning through. As is probably apparent from the tale above, the greatest tenets of the Order are to protect the weak, to exact bloody retribution when necessary and to never give up on a fight they believe in as a lost cause.

The Talons of Baruth are the elite group of knights fighting beneath one warrior priest. They guard the sacred texts of the Order, 5 of the 8 magical Talons of Baruth, as well as continuing the quest to seek the means to end Baruth's eternal struggle with Throck, Beast of the North. A sword of great power was lost to Baruth in the great struggle, Frost was it's name, to fight ice with ice. It has never been found though many have tried and died in the wastes, whilst questing. They govern themselves and are answerable to no-one but Baruth himself.

Order colours are sky blue and snow white with the Chapter house symbol superimposed, if any. The symbol for the Order is a bird of prey with outstretched wings, usually a hawk or eagle.

All who follow Baruth know the value of order in battle, but are strongly individualistic, placing free-speech high on their lists.

++Recent Times.

Since their positioning at the Chapter houses in Caledonia some years ago, the Caledonian influence has seeped though into some of the culture, with beer and good cheer now being higher on the lists of priorities. This has not dulled their sense of responsibility or their loyalty. Assigned to queens bodyguard, no queen has been captured whilst the Order was on duty. Their fealty has always been sworn to the Battlemaster or War leader of the Bears. First sworn to Thorfinn for 5 years, he was taken to the Gods as a hero by Valkerie's. Lord Wraith was war leader after Thorfinn, thus we swore to him. Though he broke his word to the Queens, we had sworn to guard him for 1 year. Guard him we did, and again, whilst on duty, no harm came to him. He was killed when the Order was elsewhere, when he discovered that his other bodyguards were slightly less than effective.

The position now remains that the Order of Baruth has not sworn to the new war leader, as they keep on getting themselves killed. It is the responsibility of the war leader to ensure that he dies last, not first in a battle. After all, they can't have all the fun !

++Notable Events of Recent History.

For assistance in services rendered, protecting the Queens, capturing the enemy banner and enemy leader's heads, the Order of Baruth was gifted lands and three chapter houses- Barothness, Torness and Wrathness. A mages tower was also to be built for Azar Cor Avon.

The Order of Baruth quested for the Quel e Ar-Cane (Kellyarcane !) for Lord Wraith (which he then gave to the Queens), a mighty artefact for ritual magic, for which he generously gave the group one gold piece. This did not improve relations much.

Recently, Hamish McLoony inquired as to whether the Order had a fleet. As this was not the case (barring a few small patrol dinghies !) the Order has been given the command of the now named "Wings of Fury" to serve with the fleet and protect the coastal Chapters.

Members of the Order, have been making inroads into Guild politics, with two members (Azar Cor Avon and Dakken) now being heads of the Department of External Affairs (DEA) for the Mages Guild, holding the ranks of Apprentice and Adept respectively with (ex) Colour Mages for masters (Masters Yellow and Green respectively). There is now the availability of scroll production, transport circle use and access to the Arcane Library. Other members have also progressed well in the Incantor's and the Healer's Guilds. We have consistently won or come second in the Mages Guild competition for the last 3 years ! Between the two of us we held 1st in 1095, 2nd in 1096 and both 1st and 2nd in 1097. However, as most of this time has been spent in the Guilds, we have probably been less visible around the faction.

The composition of the Order of Baruth at the Gathering has changed somewhat over the time it's been at the Gathering, from heavy infantry to light infantry and magic users.

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