The Highlands

The Highlands refer to the large mountain ranges of Caledonia and those areas which are more issolated by thier geographical nature. The Highlands run up the central spine of Caledonia and then west accross the to the boundaries of the great glen. The new ranges sprung up in the west due to the Cataclysm of 1107 have extended the range of the Highlands accross to the Western seaboard.

Highland Clans differ from those of the lowlands in that they are more insular in thier outlook to the world and have to be more hardy to survive. Often the highland ranges are home to tribes of feral creatures and their isolation also lends them to being the lairs of unscrupulous characters. Many a highland clan will ensure that the areas in which they live and farm are clear of such threats on a regular basis but this is an unending task.

The Flora and Fauna of the highland regions also tends to be more hardy. As the climate is colder and more changeable than that of the lowlands creatures often tend to be smaller and shaggier. The regions issolation also lends itself well to the diversification of creatures and one species can vary quite dramatically in it's coloration and behavior from one glen to the next.

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