The Great Forest

Covering much of western Caledonia, the Great Forest is a dark and foreboding place. Stretching from the new mountains of the west where the Great Glen once was in the north to the walls of Cudbright in the south. It's easterly reach covers half of Stradr Clota to the Plains of Aei, while in the west Aver Ghadheal is covered as far as Loch Awe.

Details of the outer edges are fairly well known where the light of day easilly penetrates. The further one penetrates into the interior the less paths appear and the darker and closer the trees become. Old settlements, swallowed by the wood can occasionally be found, but they are places of un-nerving silence. It is not only the forest which takes back the creations of men, but there are barrows where wights reside and innumerable orc and goblin tribes deep in the dark heart of the wood. The interior is very much a mystery with entry or egress proving virtually impossible. Other than the close areas around the Great Forest Circle little is known.

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