Tartan is a name both for the colours worn by the different clans and also the name of the plaid itself. It is a distinctive material which both Celts and Picts wear alike. It is regularrly fasioned into kilts and worn in all weathers. Being made of wool as a rule it is warm, water resistant and wind proof. This utalitarian dress is thus widespread amongst the clans from the lowlands to the highlands.

The different tartans of the clans show familial lines and distinctions of boundries of regions governed by the great clans. The different weaves of the different colours of the tartan have stories which are as old as the clans themselves. Often the weave will be representative of the deeds of the clan's ancestors. These coulours are however not always the same. Variations creep into the sett as different weavers have different dyes and different qualities of wool and weaving ability.

Different clans can be identified by different tartans. However and clan which pays fealty to another may adopt the tartan of the greater clan to use in it's day to day business. Thus an individual might introduce themself as a Campbell but be wearing the red tartan of the clan McGregor. This ought not to cause too much comfusion as many people have thier given name and thier clan name.

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