Sometimes called the Western Isles, the region of Sudreyjar is comprised of what was once the isle of Sudreyjar itself, and the isles to its west. During the Cataclysm the Great Glen was closed shut by the isles of East and West Sudreyjar coliding with the mainland. The wave which this created destroyed many of the other western isles and settlements along the coast.

Sudreyjar is a generally a bleak and barren region with few trees and little shelter. High sea cliffs mark it's boundaries and many of the isles are accessible only during certain tides. While the isles themselves may have moved it is one of the few areas that is truly wild, and has changed very little with the passage of time.

Circles of Sudreyjar

* Callanish Standing Stones
* Leodhus Transport Circle

Isles of Sudreyjar

* Barra
* Canna
* Coll
* Eigg
* Ishore
* Leodhus
* Muck
* Norda Ivist
* Sour Ivist
* Tiree

Settlements of Sudreyjar

* Canna Harbour
* Durinish
* Skioh
* Trotternish
* Vaternish

[Sites of Interest of Sudreyjar

* Balor's Tower
* Callanish Fields
* McGregor Keep
* Talisker Distillery

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