Ritual Of Peace

The Ritual of Peace provides a degree of protection to all that would attend the great gatherings of nations. The magical rite creates a barrier which acts as a shield against physical damage. Physical damage inflicted under a Ritual of Peace is slowed by the shielding effect and inflicts only bruising. This might render a person unconcious but not dead.

No normal weapon may cut a person's skin or inflict lasting harm to anything protected by the ritual unless specifically excluded during it's casting or by their own nature. These protections however do not cover the greater magics and those Artifacts which are of such power that they ignore it. Poisons and illnesses will not be prevented by the ritual either.

All forms of unliving remain outside a Ritual of Peace, as do some types of creatures with patterns inimicable to this plane. Any creature that is protected against ritual level magic will also not be protected by a Ritual of Peace. Non-sentient creatures such as animals are not protected by the rite, but ones enemies will be.

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