Broad, strong and long lived the oak is the king of the wood, the Dagda's tree. Often found at the heart of a forest the Oak is resilient and enduring.

All parts of the Oak have practical applications, being used fer bringing health and vitality.

Acorns are the most widely used of all the parts of the tree which may be due to their connection with rebirth. Boiling down pulped acorns to make an astringent tonic can help with problems of the bowels or if just the husk is dried and crushed they can be used to make potions which will stave off cravings for alchahol or other drugs. They may also be used to increase fertility if eaten. When bolied they become soft and edible. The cups however may make a poison which will make a lass barren. There are a number of charms which can be made from the acorns of an Oak. Each of these provides the bearer with protection and also some additional benefit.

The leaves of the Oak can be put into bathwater to make sure that anyone who’d think it a fine idea to immerse themselves would be clean in body and spirit. There are questions of how the spiritual clensing works as many of the highland clans are mistrustful of bathing in water that isn't running.

With its longevity the Oak has many properties which are attributed to it. The first of these is the links the tree has with the Dagda. The tree is considered both a gateway to his table – if you know how to open the door. The tree also shares many of the Dagda's aspects. His braw strength and longevity can be seen in the Oak’s bearing. Also the Dagda’s fertility is seen in it’s acorns. Finally, if you know the rite, you can hear prophecy in the rustle of a great oak’s leaves at Beltane.

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