Way back when I was just a littl`n my pop used to tell me of great battles the O`Learys fought in, won and looted but due to the rigors of life as an alchemist (too many taverns you mean-Ed) I have misplaced them in my own memory I recall something about a curse and another thing about the rest of the clan (those that are left) not being able to remember nothing before the massacre at Rivens well. Tales are told of a curse, a powerful curse one which forces us to wander, and of a sword whose power was immense until it was broken in battle, and of a search, a search for the point of this sword lost to us for aeons.

Current memory brings us up to twenty years past when on return from visiting family in the western isles, Fynn and Nevyen both children then with their mother Megan discovered the terrors of the field at Riven well. On finding the desecrated body of Patrick their father and both sisters Erine and Carone crucified on cart wheels the three fled pursued by war dogs of unknown origin. Seven score and two moons passed in hiding for the clan, taking refuge on the coastland of Erin a mentor was found in the shape of Steven of Lyonesse a veteran of the early wars he came out of hermetic retreat as a favour to Megan, a distant cousin, in order to train Fynn and Nevyen in the art of war.

At the age of 16 the council of elders called Fynn before them and after deeming him worthy with tests of skill and stamina he was granted rule of the clan as the eldest surviving heir. The brothers then embarked on the search for the point of the ancient blade said to have the power to unite the clans against the evil that is prophesied. Using their skills in battle the brothers found employment with mercenary groups all over the Heartlands. Paying close attention to wise men and mystics whenever possible in order to gain clues to the whereabouts of the blade, when just 8 seasons ago a ghost walked back into their lives.

In the house of compatriot Donald MacTotty they saw a warrior who could have been a younger incarnation of their father walking and talking with their friends clan. Donald revealed that the warrior had come to them under the care of a wandering healer who had found the carnage at Rivens well before Fynn, and that the warrior had no memories of his former life, was accepted into the MacTotty's family, married the daughter of Donald MacTotty and produced a son he called Finne.

Spending time with Finn and Nevyen the mystery warrior revealed himself as Shawn which immediately sparked memories in all three and it was remembered that the O'Learys had a brother called Shawn and the names of the two brothers sprang from the memory of Shawn bringing images of his homelands and family. Weeks were spent hunting, fishing and carousing, slowly rebuilding bridges of their own histories.

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