Mundane Creatures

The many creatures which inhabit the loch, byre and glen give Caledonia a feral edge which has a stark beuty all its own. There are two broad catagories of mundane creatures which are found, Feral and Domestic.

Feral Creatures

Feral creatures inhabit the vast wildernesses of Caledonia. These are the species which have always existed, pre-dating both the Picts and the Celts. Many are hostile and vie with humanity for the scant rescources in their bawns, others are seen as signs from the Ancestors which guild those in tune with the land.

Domestic Creatures

Domestic creatures are those which have been living with humanity for so long that they have becom part of everyday life for those who work with them. This symbiosis means that these creatures would unlikely survive in the wilds as the instincts for living from the land have been bred out of them.

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