Modern History

The "Shadath-Drad" (Spear of the Sun) is recovered from Sour Uvist by Clan Caenn but buried in a secret location to prevent it ever again falling into the wrong hands. This angers Balor and he rebuilds his force intent upon a murderous campaign to wipe out the Clan and their kin. This action is reckoned to be one of the main reasons behind the Formor invasion of 1099.

Thorfinn MacBeth leaves the Wolf Faction to take command of the new Bears Faction formed from the chaotic warring tribes of Caledonia. He is the last surviving relative of the Caledonian Royalty, albeit a tenuous link. He brings with him the Isles of Orkneyjar.

Three Queens are elected and each was embodied with an aspect of the Ancestor Anu. They are: Megan MacTwatem (Cerridwen), Heather McLoony (Morrigan) and Helham MacTwatem (Blodwyn). Thorfinn announces that he will be leaving on a quest to try to defeat Satûn. A council of clan leaders chooses Angus MacTwatem to rule in his absence.

Angus and his deputy Erik meet with Lord Wolf over a dispute over ownership of Orkneyjar, at which it was agreed that the Bears would remain in control of the Isles, but peoples of both factions could live there. At the end Lord Wolf cheekily said "So, Orkneyjar is mine then !". Angus stood up and said "F**k Right Off !"; Lord Wolf then said "Okay". Clearly the events that followed lead us to believe that Lord Wolf misunderstood that last comment of Angus. Angus died heroically in the charge in the battle won by the Bears, largely due to Clan Orthos' magical 'Crimson Wind'. Erik approached the Queens and asks that they take power under the leadership of the Cerridwen. (At least until Thorfinn's return).

Thorfinn returns but has a vision of his own death in battle. Mephisto McSnaga takes over as Head Ritualist. The Queens are each embodied with increased powers by Mephisto. The Cerridwen now has the power of foresight and can divine the location of items and people through meditation. The new Blodwyn (Shenanigans McDroo) has unlimited healing, and the Morrigan when frenzied, has the strength of 10 men. A pretender, Sean McCormack, tries to usurp power from the Queens, supported by the McBoars, McMads and some McFinns. He is exiled along with his supporters and finds refuge in the Gryphons. The Morrigan becomes pregnant with her husband Thorfinn's child. Thorfinn dies in battle from his wounds and is carried off to Valhalla by a valkyrie. The Bears win the battle aided by the fearsome Scarecrow of the McYokels.

The Morrigan finds herself increasingly unable to control her berserk rages. It is discovered that she is in ascension and must take over as the senior queen if she is to remain sane. A document is discovered depicting a pendant worn by 'Lord' Wraith Buchannen. It suggests that the bearer is the future True King of the Celts. Since the Dragons were seeking their lost king at this time and through other statements on the document actually found their king, the prophecy was deemed to relate to them.

The Faction Army General Wraith Buchannen makes the decision to leave the Cerridwen to her fate while under siege by the goblin army, for the sake of a small port. While at the dwarven settlement of Rockholme, all 3 Queens tried Wraith for treason. He was found guilty, and before sentence could be passed, he fled to the safety of the Lion's home of Avalon. At the Moot, Wraith came to a messy end as he appeared in a transport circle just as a number of heavily armed Bears passed out from heat exhaustion waiting for a ritualist to transport them … falling onto the newly arrived Wraith. Warleader Thomas Finn is kidnapped by Unicorns while in a skirmish, dragged away and murdered. His short-lived successor Nobby McYokel also dies that year. Mangus Mangusson decided to try to do the Ritual of Peace. His body was destroyed but his pattern stayed around incorporeally. The Bears and Dragonsmarched on the Unicorn camp and delivered a magical bottom-implanting turnip to Sedhured.

Yargon McYokel is recognised by the Morrigan for the great work he has done for the faction and is enobled. He saves the Bearsfrom danger by facing down Malice and Avarice, embodiments of the darker side of our nature. Craggle Finhorn MacGregor (Craggy) is also enobled, becoming General of the Armies. An agreement was made that the following year, the Bears would lend some land to Lord Lynsall of the Tarantulas]]] Faction to host the next Gathering above ground. Mr Silly (Floris Brand) left for good, leaving many upset Bears behind. The spirit of the Blodwyn passes to Breaca McYokel, with Lemming of the Prince Bishops men accidentally swearing allegiance to her and hence being known as Lemming McYokel.

Yargon McYokel went mad and was escorted to a monastery on a remote island. Mephisto McSnaga, now Foreign Minister is enobled. Caledonia came under threat of the Formorii. The Formorian Lord of Summer sent his minions to destroy the Queens. Due to the death of Lord Lynsall of the Tarantulas, the land leased to him was ceded to Laird Kalanar, now Head of the Paladins of Lloth. In the battle, the Dragons faced off against the Bears outnumbering the Bears 2 to 1. The Dragons charged using their famous column. With the Cerridwen offering executions for anyone not pushing back against the column, the Dragons were routed and the Bears had convincingly won the day. Dai McTaff rebels against the Queens and launches many attacks against the Bears while in self-exile.

Mephisto becomes Laird Provost. Chief Insulting McThug becomes Foreign Minister. The Formorri invade en masse and capture the north western isles. They lay siege to Pitlochry, the capital, only to be fought back over 4 days and nights of heavy fighting from the clansmen and forces of Tarantulas. Rory MacTwatem (now married to the Cerridwen) grievously injures the Lord of Summer by dropping a wardrobe from the battlements. Jihad of the Wolves attacks and murders 2 Exiles, including General Urian, after publicly stating he had tried to pay to put a hit out on them. In the chaos that followed, Baron Hornagh (High Ambassador) was slain. As the Bears tried selflessly to protect the Exiles, they accept the name of Clan MacBeth in deference to the Morrigan. Chief Insulting McThug dies in mysterious circumstances.

Picta clans unite and attempt to capture the young High King, Angus Ryan. Mephisto's pattern is ripped from his body by a Picta Puppet Master but is returned almost intact a few months later in a ritual. Picta assassins of Clan Rat are responsible for the deaths of many Bears and nearly take the lives of Craggy and the Blodwyn. The Goblin tribes of the Great Forest are in turmoil as fighting breaks out between them and both sides seek support from the Bears. Clan McTaff departs Caledonia for Maurabia to join the Jackals faction. Dai McTaff returns as a Liche with an unliving army and causes trouble. Faction Chancellor Bartholomew Carson of the Old Invincibles is captured and executed after stealing the faction treasury.

Wamphyri tainted by Chaos lay siege to the Clan Council with the aid of Formorian agents, the Bain Sidhe whose emergence destroys Balor’s Tower on the isle of Sour Uvist. Rory MacTwatem is slain by the Chaos Wamphyri. Craggy is found guilty of treason and executed. Megan MacTwatem cedes the spirit of the Cerridwen to Molly Trelawney. Dai McTaff kidnaps the High King and two missions to deal with him fail miserably. Faction Guildmistress Shanon O’Cleary becomes the first female Laird and Obidask MacTrew is also given the title after his loyalty to the Queens, Faction and Fianna. The Morrigan hands over power to Mephisto McSnaga in order to spend more time tending to the desires of the ancestors. Scafloc is slain along with and several Wamphyri by a combined force of Wolves, Harts and Dragons. Lament succeeds in making a desperate dash for the transport circle not to be seen again. The adopted members of the Clan MacBeth instruct their unliving to dismantle Torment and depart Edreja.

Beast-like void Hunters attack the Clan Council and in the fighting, Buffy McFook and Shona MacTrew are slain. After appearing at the Council, Dai McTaff raises a massive unliving army and rampages across Caledonia. The Dagda returns at the moots, only to be stolen away by one of Lord Aventa’s men. Haggis MacFinn and Raphael MacTrew are enobled as Lairds. Dai is finally defeated at the Moots, but not before he has slain Bedo McYokel and Angus Rose. Calder Rose dies at the first moot fighting a liche-ancestor. At the Gathering, Elanor McAlwyn becomes the Blodwyn. Tarantulas kill Talek Macbeth and Luvik MacBeth and in revenge Bears slay many Drow. The murder of Kezia Strathbraan and Laird Shanon O’Cleary provokes further executions of Drow. Laird Raphael MacTrew is also murdered while on a diplomatic mission to the Lions several months after the Gathering.

The Dagda is retrieved at the Clan Council from Lord Aventa but the Anima, a new enemy who was trapped, is given in exchange. Azar Cor Aven is appointed Foreign Minister after the death of Laird Raphael MacTrew. The Heartland Games saw the deaths of many Bears including the Laird General Mephisto McSnaga and Laird Provost Ainsley McYokel at the hands of the Tarantulas. Laird Obidask MacTrew is made Laird Protector of the Bears and duly appoints Cedric d’Vanion as his Laird Provost. At the first moot of the year on Tarantula lands Eregon McYokel assassinates Lord Hellbron with help from the Jackals and fourteen Bears are massacred in retribution. Azar cor Avon, Jander Kai and Connor Rose are enobled as the new Lairds Privy Council. Lord Aventa steps up his campaign against the Bears. The Anima appears several times demanding the patterns of the Queens. The Morrigan moves from Heather MacBeth to Kal MacTwatem at the Gathering, a gift from Anu to Heather after her marriage to Marcus McFook. The Bears take the battlefield at the Gathering to aide Obidask in discharging a debt of honour. The Bears enter the Strathbraan Forest to destroy Lord Aventa once and for all, only to discover they have in fact entered the Underworld. They manage to defeat Gwynn, the Ancestor of the realm, and Lord Aventa before escaping and sealing the gate.

The Clan Council saw much drunken foolery with very little actual content although Laird Jander Kai is named as Laird Arcane of the Bears. A strange group of doppleganers were defeated after a copy of the high ritualist Sane nearly killed many Bears in a fake ritual. The Heartland Games passed without any major incident. At the first moot hosted by the Wolves on the disputed Orknejar the Lord Wolf Vlad was killed by an ancient enemy. The conclave threat moved onto a new level as they completely destroyed the City of Berlin in Teutonia via overloading its ritual circle. This led to all Factions allying for the first time in recent memory and agreeing to destroy the Conclave once and for all. This alliance pushed the Conclave into bolder action as a group of Ogre Magi attacked the Harts, Bears and Vipers at the moment the Harts and Bears joined the alliance, killing the second in command of the Harts Lady Imogen. Throughout that night Conclave assassins killed many people using poisoned blades. As punishment for their alliance, the Conclave destroyed major cities in every nation, Caledonia lost its capital Pitlochry at the cost of 30,000 lives. The Formorians from the Underworld attacked and gained control of the Black Isle. The Gathering saw the embodiment of the Blodwyn change from Eleanor McAylwyn to Caitlyn MacTrew and the factions continue their campaign against the conclave. The Bears loose many of their number whilst helping the Harts at Bluebell Wood. The Harts then assisted the Bears in reclaiming the Black Isle from the Formor. The failure to win the battle and claim a stone of power meant that Caledonia was hit hard by pulses from time chambers which the Conclave destroyed. The lack of food for the loosing nations caused widespread starvation. The Bears entered the Underworld once more to defeat a creature called Bile and free the rightful ancestor of the realm Obum. The Open Grand Council was a tense affair, with a delegation of Bears attending to attempt to secure food for their starving people. The efforts led by Ma MacTrew and Laird Cedric deem some success with several caravans of food being secured from the Dragons and Tarantulas.

Despite the additional food, the famine across Caledonia starts to bite hard, with many people beginning to starve to death. A decision is reached and Cainich MacTrew, a new ritualist, performs a ritual at the Clan Council in Torment to create magical grain. All of those involved in the ritual make a great sacrifice for the people, but the result of the ritual means no more Caledonians will die of starvation. The Cataclysm is the main topic of conversation at the council proper, with long discussion over which Cadre of embodiments the faction should favour out of War, Peace, Famine and Feast. The faction is split mainly between war and peace. A close friendship is formed with the Lions throughout the year. The Gathering itself saw much inter factional fighting culminating in a battle between the Cadre’s. The Bears stood together with the Cadre of Peace but it was Feast which prevailed. The leaders of all factions were taken away before the fight, to be shown the future of the world and the coming carnage of the Cataclysm. At the end of the Gathering a void rip opened, spawning creatures. All factions and guilds (with the notable exception of some) took to the field and fought a bloody battle, performing rituals using the items of power to weaken the effects of the Cataclysm. Two of the four rituals were successful.

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