Middle History - 500AF to 1052AF

The Morrigan and the Dagda called forth the Wild Hunt to counter the Fomorian advance in ritual vastly surpassing all modern day rituals; all ritual circles were drained of power as all power was channelled through the circle at Dagda's Field. The ritual seeded the destruction of the Fomorii but destroyed the circle utterly together with the physical patterns of the Dagda and the Morrigan. This was one of the major causes of the cataclysm.

The lands of Erdreja were plunged into darkness and turmoil, the cataclysm struck. The lands of Western Norsca heaved and rent and the ground was swallowed by water, washed away claiming many lives. A ritual circle in western Norsca fell into the sea and therefore out of use.

The ritual circle in the Great Forest explodes violently blasting a massive clearing in the forest. The circle was shut down due to major instability and has not functioned since.

Balnagowan was completely destroyed in the Foamorian rout.

Seeing the civilization of the Celts in tatters the Picts begin a campaign of violence that was to last more than four hundred years.

A massive Picta force drives the Celts from Orkneyjar.

531 AF
The standing stones at Loch Lomond reveal magical powers and a new ritual circle is born.

Fionn MacCumhail entered the otherworld and Clan MacFinn was formed in his name on the Isle of Islay. A major combined Picta uprising was defeated by the Celts at Torment.

701 AF
Clan War begins as clan fights against clan for more and more territory in the more fertile lands of the south and the west. Inter-clan warfare would rage on and off for several generations.

Clans come to a truce. Nearly 200 years of fighting has depleted their forces and the threat of the Formor can no longer be ignored. The remnants of Clan Ursa, driven from Orkneyjar during the wars formed the Ursa Mercenary Company.

Bain Sidhe defeated. These dark goblins supported the Formor in their actions and were driven into the Underdark.

Padraig, last surviving member of the Shield of Anu, a group dedicated to serving the triple goddess, dies in a copse in central Caledonia. The group had all but been wiped out by the goblin hoards from the Great Forest, but had done their job well, accounting for scores of goblin and orc deaths before being overtaken by the force. Picta finally defeated on Plains of Torment. Formor steal the "Shadath-Drad" or the Spear of the Sun. It would be the death of many a Celt in the years to come.

A goblin insurrection was crushed and its leader, Scraggletooth was slain on the Field of Tay.

The Great Circle (Pitlochry) grows in power

Sheepworrier McYokel is born and the McYokels and McTaffs enter a new period of history. In the early spring, ships bearing the clansmen of Evric's line landed upon the rocky beaches of Orkneyjar and with supernatural fury utterly destroyed usurpers who had claimed their lands

Last record of Loch Tay ritual circle flaring violently

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