In the beginning was Betsy, a wild highland cow dwelling in Caledonia. On a night of wind and rain, at the time of the winter solstice when magic is unleashed in the land, Betsy took shelter in an ancient ritual circle. She was struck by lightning and such was the magic of the place and time that her nature and being did change. She became a creature of magic and wisdom and when she gave birth to a human son, she named him Yokel, for she knew that he was first of a great clan and that all life begins from a yolk.

Yokel grew to manhood and fathered many children. The Clan McYokel dwelt in peace and prosperity, but never forgot their antecedents and Betsy was loved and revered by all. Twins were born to the clan, Badwyn and Bhydar McYokel. They were blessed with a special courage and strength and grew to become Incantor/Warriors. This brother and sister also had the gift of prophesy and foretold a time of exile from their beloved land. Yokel, the father of the clan, lived to a great age and died surrounded by his descendants.

He was buried on the shores of Loch Tay and was mourned by all. When the time came full circle for Betsy, she did not die, but transformed herself into a raven and flew away to Arcadia, where we believe she still dwells. With the magical protection of Betsy gone, the pleasant lands of the Clan McYokel attracted the envious eye of Balor Of the One Eye and his Fomorian followers. They besieged the castle and many were they, fierce, ruthless and without honour. Badwyn and Bhydar, the twin children of Yokel's old age, had fought the Fomorians and their Drow allies, many times before. This time however, they knew they could not win. They knew that only desperate measures could save their clan, and so they performed the dangerous and unpredictable Good Shepherd ritual (Lets get the flock out of here).

This ritual teleported all the McYokels in the castle many leagues distant, to the lands in the south west of Albion, where they knew they must remain, for as many generations as there are days in one cycle of the moon. The Clan McYokel settled down in their new home. They all knew that they could never return to their beloved Caledonia, such was the effects of the Good Shepherd Ritual and though their hearts were sore they blessed Badwyn and Bhydar for saving the clan from the Fomorians.

Badwyn and Bhydar knew that the clan's descendants would return to Caladonia and performed a solemn ritual, in which they asked the Ancetors to prophesy how it would be known that the time was right for the clan to return. The Ancestors answered them and promised that there would be signs to see and instructions to follow, but that the name McYokel must prevail down the centuries. So all the McYokels had many children. The Prophesy, given to Badwyn and Bhydar, who spoke it in a trance, is as follows:

Four babes together there will be,

Who travel far to make their mark,

Across the mountains, o'er the sea,

And down, into the underdark

Once grown, again they n'er meet

And one will go and leave no trace.

The eldest one will give twins,

And one shall serve in Badwyn's place.

And by his side as Bhydar stood,

As brave and magical as he,

Another sister will appear

Not of the earth but of the sea

McYokels name will travel far

Our blood will mingle with our foes

Our enemies be family

some will be born with Betsy's nose

The one who will reclaim our land

The eldest of the sacred four

Must journey there by magic means

Be ready when I show the door.

It was also prophesied, that there would always be a brother and sister in the clan, who would preserve the magic and rituals. They would stand by the side of the Chief, but never in his place.

When the prophecies came to fruition and twin sons were born to the Clan McYokel, the elder would follow the path of the Incantor, whilst the younger would grow up to lead his clan with great courage and wisdom. While their father would lead the clan back to Caledonia, the son would achieve fame and respect for his Clan, and lead them in their years back in their Ancestral homeland. Also that he would have the name of something usually attached to a door. So it came to pass that while Hinge, Knocker, and Novelty Doorbell McYokel all grew old and died in Cornwall, Nobby McYokel, led his clan to greatness in Caledonia.

In the Year of 1050, the prophecies, preserved by the Incantors of the Clan McYokel, began to come true. Four sons were born on the same day, to the same mother, and they were given names to reflect their destinies - Wolfsbane, Spidersdread, Viperscurse and Dragonswoe. However, a combination of the boyish antics of Dragonswoe, and a pact with the Dragons, lead to Dragonswoe McYokel being known as Sheepworrier McYokel.

For all their lives, these four boys knew they had to fulfil a destiny, that the choices and desires of their own minds must take second place. However, the Ancestors are merciful and each found joy in following his pre-ordained path. Spidersdread had always had a feeling and sympathy with the Drow and travelled gladly to the underdark. Viperscurse had always loved the sea and one day sailed away never to be seen again. Sheepworrier crossed the mountains to Cymrja, where he found great happiness. Wolfsbane married a Cornish lass, Morwenna and when she gave birth to twin sons, the joy of the Clan McYokel was only marred by the Death of Morwenna. So ends the first tale off the history of the Clan.

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