The elders of Clan McSidhe did despair. For many years they had lived in the great forest of Strath Clota, but now the blood of the elves which flowed in their veins was becoming diluted by the coming of humans.

In 1091, Angus and Megan of the Clan McSidhe joined the army of the Celtic Queen, Embodiment of the goddess. At that time, Thorfinn MacBeth of Orkneyjar was seeking advancement and the favour of the Queens, and he therefore recruited as many as he was able to fight under his banner; The Raven Standard. Angus and Megan were among these new recruits. Thorfinn's quest for rank yielded him the command of half of the army, and he expanded this by placing his men in positions of rank where he was able. In this way, Angus was given command of a group of clansmen, including many of the Clan MacFinn and some of Clan McBoar. The MacFinns were displeased at having another as their captain, but they took Angus and showed him the ways of war. Rory MacFinn, son of Laird McFinn, did say "The man who leads the charge shall always be cut down, but if his men are following him, they will run over and past him and he might be healed to lead another charge." This can be seen, for after that, whenever Angus was given the command of men, they always did charge and always with him at their head.

That year the battle was easily won and Lord Corvos and his evil hoard were driven south from the lands of Caledonia into Albion.

Angus and Megan did return home, but only long enough to join the exodus of their clan. They gathered their many sons and daughters about them and left the great forest for the highlands. There, in the shadow of Ben Twatem, they did find Glen Twatem, a wild and desolate place, not claimed by any man to be his own. They stayed therin and built for themselves a croft and raised sheep, and hunted deer and haggis.

Great things were afoot in the world that year. The treaty of the Gathering was drawn up and signed, so that men could gather together to trade and settle their disputes without battle. We now know what folly this is, for at every Gathering since, there has been a great battle, each bigger than any before.

The signing of this treaty was done by Thorfinn MacBeth, for although he was previously allied to the Wolf Lord of Norsca, he was loyal to the Queens of Caledonia, who had given him rank and position, and he came when they had need of him to lead their armies. And Thorfinn was a great man who had the loyalty of the people under his care, and all the folk of Orkneyjar followed Thorfinn to the battlestandard of Caledonia and turned their backs on Norsca, that had never supported them.

Angus and Megan McTwatem, did attend the Gathering in 1092, bringing with them their sons, Dougal, Connor, Oor Willie, Cameron and Donald, their daughters Heather, Morag, Flora and TBD, and with them came Angus' brother Callum. And the newly formed clan did well in that year, for they signed a treaty with Thorfinn, that they would answer his call and fight at his command, and in return would be given stewardship of the lands of the old Clan McTay, though one of the McTay still lived, and he a man of some rank, being Joshua McTay, the Violet mage.

At this event, Angus was further honoured, and by right of combat became the Champion of the Queen of all Caledonia.

Although all the clansmen fought with the fury of the bear that year, treachery lost them the battle and the Queen and many men were slain.

Of Clan McTwatem, though, none were slain, though they were in the thick of the battle, since the daughters of the clan were well versed in the healing arts and did minister to the clansmen, their brothers. The clan did return home that year, and did rebuild and fortify the mannor house on the shores of Loch Tay.

In the following year, 1093, Thorfinn did reinstate the old ways and did call for the Queen to be elected by the people, not in one body, but as three parts, each showing a face of the goddess. The Blodwyn, goddess of healing and fertility, the Morrigan, goddess of war and fighting, the Cerridwen, goddess of the realms of death and dreams. Such was the esteem of Clan McTwatem that Helham, virgin daughter of Angus and Megan was elected to be the Blodwyn and Megan herself was elected as the Cerridwen. Further, at this gathering of the clans, Angus was elected as Tanist or second in command to Lord Thorfinn.

At the battle of 1093, the clansmen of the Bears did lay about them mightily and did defeat their foe. The head of Lord Foetan, leader of the Gryphon faction was taken and held as a trophy in the old way.

In 1094, as Lord Thorfinn was away doing battle with the world serpent, Angus acted in his stead and led the armies of the Bears into battle. And the prophesy of Rory MacFinn was shown to be true, for in this battle did Angus meet his end.

And the people of Caledonia did look among them for a sucessor to Angus, to rule them until the return of Thorfinn, and they found no one more suited to the task than those which the goddess had selected. And from that day forth, the faction of the Bears was ruled over by the embodiment of the Blodwyn, the Morrigan and the Cerridwen.

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