Clan McSnaga

In the beginning there was the orc.

The orc was mighty. The orc was everywhere. Some have interpreted this to mean the orc was omnipresent, but the orc would disagree, since he couldn't spell.

Now a feeble new species emerged on the world called hoo-manz. Hoo-manz were smelly, hoo-manz were weak and hoo-manz were unhealthy. The orc gave the hoo-manz some crap land without trees - the most useless land and the hoo-manz were grateful. The hoo-manz in return gave the orc disease. It was a good disease and worked well, killing off nearly all the orc.

The day came when an orc, who had lots of orcy-know-wots, took a hoo-man female as his mate and though she died 'cos she was weak, she gave birth to a half-orc, one who grew up to be strong and one who disease did not affect. His name was Snaga. Other Orcs followed and soon many of Snaga's kind lived in and around hoo-manz.

Some true orc survived and live to these days mostly in the woods, cut off from da hoo-manz.

The sunz and dorterz of Snaga, the McSnagas live to this day on the southern border of Caledonia.

The Clan McSnaga is a proud clan; proud of its ancestry, proud of its tartan and proud of its traditions. McSnagas are generally larger than normal hoo-manz in general bulkiness, mostly due to their large consumption of food and beer.

The tartan of the McSnagas is black and white. Current famous McSnagas are:

Spud McSnaga, Clan Chieftain, Wearer of the Holy Socks, Ex-Knight of the Cauldron, Ex-Paladin of Danu and Ex-Captain of the Lions.

Pogo McSnaga, Clan High Priest, Bearer of the D6 Mace and food taster to anyone who'll let him.

Mephisto McSnaga, Laird Provost & First Minister of Caledonia.

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