Roo, Tigger, Owl, Mave, Rabbit and Piglet all live in Hundred Acre Wood in Caledonia. Like most celts there's nothing a McPooh likes better than a party with lots of Beer, Singing and Dancing with men in Kilts.

Their Ancestor, Pooh Bear, is thought of almost as if a god. In his name the clan tests men in hope of finding the reincarnation of Pooh's closest friend Christopher Robin.

This has given the McPoohs a slight reputation; mainly thanks to tigger being loud but she says that's what tiggers do best!

Amongst their achievements at the Gathering '96 was the special bond established between themselves and the Clan McYokel. They also discovered the North Pole (allegedly in Teutonia) and placed the clan on the spot with a placard saying.





The McPoohs are not primarily a fighting group and most are incantors, spellcasters and healers even though Owl and Piglet can be quite fierce and scary. The Clan support the Queenies.

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