Mcgregor Keep

Built by the McGregors of ancient times the keep which stands high on the cliffs of Canna has been home to the chiefs of the clan for many centuries. Its design has been added to over the years with the most recent addition in 1007 of a curtain wall which reaches all the way to the cliff edge.

The site of the keep overlooks both Canna Harbour and the straights between Canna and Leodhus. From here also in the distance can be seen the coast of Sudreyjar.

Within the walls of the keep is one of the spiral paths of the northern isles and also a pair of rocks thrown during an ancient siege.

(ooc: the phys rep for McGregor Keep is St. Briavels Castle nr. Lidney in the Gloucestershire. It is a youth hostel who's website can be found )

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