From Black McGregors to Clan McGregor

They were originally a bunch of sheep thieves who muscled in on a campaign in 'Nottingham'. There was the chief Wulfmear, Rory, And Fergus and one or two others. They emerged from the islands in 1091 and went to the gathering of clans. They year after there was a coach load who went to Drum Hill the year tents were taken down for fear of a great wind. Their number also included a Cathbad the Druid and a sailor called Robbie who had a brother called Hamish. Wulfmear was killed by Fergus, his son, in a bar fight, who became the chief for a while. The year after there was also Finn McFinn, and Griff.

The Clan made a great impact, leading the fight against the drow until in the year 1095 some of the clan joined the rebellion led by Angus McBoar against the Queen in the form of Megan McTwatem. Amongst those who remained loyal was a fighter called Dougie MacFinn. There was also a shaman who promised to help the Queen who had spent many years in Erin, his name was Craggle Finhorn. Craggle had spent many years travelling around Erin visiting on many clans. Often it would be that there were members of the hosting clan who did not want to stay in their clans and so they went with Craggle. Due to the nature of the members of the group being outcasts, they called themselves 'black', and because of Craggle's father being called Gregor they became the Black McGregors. During the time that he was travelling one of his clansmen, Wulfmear, left Erin and took many followers to Islay where they joined together with other wanderers and formed a clan called MacFinn as Craggle's grandfather was called Finn. The link comes from where Wulfmear was Craggle's brother, and many of the MacFinn's where Wulfmear's sons. This all happened in about 1080 when Wulfmear and Craggle were about 20, Wulfmear having started as young as 14 in fathering sons. A tradition carried on by Dougie.

Not long after this, around 1090, the Black McGregors left Erin and settled on Canna, taking over a deserted keep and village above the main harbour.

Craggy continued his wanderings in Erin until he went to the gathering in 1095. There he met the McYokel's, and took on their name for a while. In 1096 Craggy formally declared himself the chief of the clan. In 1097 he returned with several McGregors in his group including Beragor McGregor. Shortly after craggy was made the warleader and a laird, a position, which he kept until he was accused of treason and executed on the orders of the Blodwyn and the Cerridwen in 1102. Beragor McGregor was declared chieftan and lead until his untimely death at the hands of the faction in 1106.

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