In the spring of 1092 AF Reverend Paisley McYokel set off - with his wife and children - to find a tavern.

Directions kindly supplied by Teran McYokel.

Five years later, they returned.

Wearing different Tartan.

Attended the Gathering 1097 AF. Presented the "Tankard of Hospitality" to Clan McYokel. (The tankard was requisitioned from the wall of a pub in the city of Brissel in Albion.)

After the Gathering of 1097 AF, Paisley decided to leave Caledonia once more to return to Brissel. He also stated his intent to start his own clan, changing his name to McFook.

Anyone wishing to come with him was more than welcome but they must also change their names. Anyone wishing to stay with the McYokels would have to relinquish the new McFook tartan. (Incidently - the new tartan was acquired from Mad, Blind, Arthritic, Vivienne McWestwood who also sold some rather dubious rubber toys to Rupert McFook.)

All Paisleys's boys have decided to accompany their father.

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