The Caravan, a band of gypsies and wanderers tied together by inclination and nature, was founded many, many years ago by Talien, the first and greatest. Over time it grew, as families came together and joined for safety and convenience and stayed for the bonds of friendship formed. They were united in their love of the road, the pursuit of knowledge in the name of the Lady of Wisdom, and having a damn good time!

Kianan became leader of the Caravan not long after the death of his closest friend, Jan McAylwyn - one of the greatest of Caledonia's bards. Jan had wooed and married Kianan's sister, Elanor, but it wasn't long after he had joined with the Caravan that he was slain.

Although very much still composed of wanderers, the Caravan was granted lands in the south-east of Caledonia by David McSnaga to honour the Queen Blodwyn who was embodied in Elanor, and to give her a voice in Caledonian affairs. In Jan's memory, and to honour him, Kianan and his kin refounded Clan McAylwyn.

With the dangers of recent times, and the granting of land, the clan called friends and kin to their new home, which they call the McAylwyn Estate. There they built their grand tavern, Hearth and Home, to be a centre of culture and tradition within Caledonia, as well as the largest tavern in Caledonia! Around the central tavern are homes and a library, all combining to become a repository of knowledge, songs, history, folk lore and tradition within our nation. There are those too that are willing to teach it - and other such skills as reading and writing, calligraphy and cartography, and many musicians' crafts.

They always knew that the central family of the clan (and doubtless others) was descended from a man named Talien, but they recently discovered that his father was Brennan, the friend, bard, and servant of Manannan MacLir, the Caledonian Ancestor of the sea, whose worship amongst the clan is slowly beginning to spread.

From its inception as a Clan in 1104, the McAylwyns were led by Kianan as their Chieftain, but recent promotion to become one of the leaders of the Bards' Guild has meant he's stepped down, passing the position to Lio'Ara.

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