Fionn MacCumhail knew that his time left in this worlds realm was short. It would soon be time to enter the otherworld and there to sleep until the need for him was greatest. His grandson Oscar had died the year before and his Fianna were defeated. He knew that after he had gone his decedents would be outcast, for he alone of his line had the powers of the otherworld. His decedents were mortals among whom were some who were gifted but could not replace him. So, two nights before Samhain he called his family and the last of the Fianna together.

"Tomorrow when the moon is full we shall gather at the shores, be there, for it is my last wish and my last gift to you."

Of all his decedents at that time, Wolfmere, son of Oscar and grandfather of Wolfmere the Great, was chief among them. Knowing that Fionn's time was short he took those of the Clan MacCumhail and the remains of the Fianna who were related to Fionn to the shore of the northern most tip of Erin the following night on the eve of Samhain. Fionn was already waiting there.

It was the blackest night that had ever been seen in Erin, the sea was boiling over the rocks of the shoreline, lightning fingered the horizon. Fionn stood with his back to all this.

"Brethren", he cried above the wind, "I have called you all here for it is time that you leave this isle. It is my wish that you find lands of your own and keep my name alive. When my work on this night is over I shall depart into the otherworld, but do not fear my cousins, for I shall forever be with you.

Cries of "You cannot leave us" arose from the people but Fionn did not heed them.

"Follow", he cried, throwing a handful of sand into the sea, "Be at peace for my people go to their own land!"

The waves broke either side of him, the sand formed a causeway. Every stride into the sea Fionn threw more sand, extending the causeway. His people were filled with fear that they might drown, but Wolfmere and the last of the Fianna pushed them on. After many miles they came to an island.

"This is the land of Islay. This is the land which belongs to you. Here you will keep my name alive and here you will call for me in your hour of greatest need."

So saying this he drew his sword and broke it over his knee, the raising his face to the sky he cried. "May my people never be driven from this place that I have chosen for them and from this day let them be known by my name."

With this he threw the shards of the sword into the sea and turned back down the causeway to Erin. The sea closed behind him and he was never seen by those of his family again.

When he was gone Wolfmere called everyone together and finding a nearby cave bade a fire be lit, beasts were slain for food and a great celebration held.

"From this day forth we have a new name, from this day we have a new land."

And as the sun rose in the east he added, "From this day forth we are Clan MacFinn."

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