You must understand that there are no written laws in Caledonia. The Will of Anu in the form of the Queens is that by which we live and die, Her Will is interpreted by the Laochs of The Queens Fianna, you may call them Knights in your tongue.

Each case is assessed on an individual basis and individual circumstances which inflexible laws do not permit. For instance the theft of a sheep, if a man starving steals a sheep to feed his family this would be a totally different matter to a rich man who wanted to simply increase his flocks.

There can be no propalactic law, the Wisdom, Compassion and Wrath of Anu decides our fates manifest though her agents.

This is not to say that Caledonia is a lawless place quite the contrary each clan has its own traditions that keep them in order and many of these are shared though clans by oaths and covenants between them. It has been said that our nation is founded on the three principles of Hospitality, Honour and Personal Reputation for a person to abuse or loose any of these would bring them shame so it is a personal law that governs us, we of course expect the same of those who we deal with those who would break Hospitality, Honour and besmirch our Reputations incur the dark companion Vengeance.

A word of warning those who profess to practice Law in Caledonia over the people of the Bear without the burden of the Fianna mantle placed on them, presume to understand the Will of Anu and that hearsay is punishable by death as High Treason.

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