Highland Clans

The highland clans live predominately in the large mountain ranges across Caledonia. Their physical remoteness has resulted in an insular lifestyle and a certain level of independence that some can view as arrogance. They are self reliant, and often have little concern for those they view as lowlanders. The threat of attack from tribal species and indigenous monsters has resulted in clans that are warlike yet extremely loyal to each other. Often needing to call to arms all old enough to bear weapons, they are capable of defeating sizable forces that attempt to invade their homelands. This is achieved through hit and run tactics and a knowledge of their mountain environment. The average family is larger than that of the lowland clans, allowing better defense and concentration of skills. Being suspicious of outsiders, they rarely trade beyond their borders, cattle being the exception and even then usually through the medium of drovers.

The hill clans share several of the same characteristics as the highland clans. The more accessible terrain and increased availability of arable land has created some differences though. Clan settlements tend to be slightly closer together, and this has allowed a higher level of specialization. It is easier for one man to trade his skills as a craftsman for example, when there are more people within easy traveling distance.

Also a call to arms can result in a larger response force in the necessary timescale, and so there is a higher percentage of males amongst the warband. Older children, mothers and the elderly are not so essential to victory, instead providing axillary services to the warriors. The better access means more external trade, and this allows more access to new ideas and current news. This has several benefits, but can also result in an erosion of some clan traditions and concepts. The combat abilities and loyalty of these clans makes them ideal soldiers, and they make up the bulk of Caledonia's armies.

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