Hearth And Home

Hearth and Home is the largest inn in Caledonia, a matter of great pride to Clan McAylwyn, and the social centre of clan life. As well as generic guest rooms, the inn has rooms named for (and for the use of) the Queens, the Lairds, the Champion of Hearth and Home (Dougie MacFinn), and the Master Bard of Caledonia, Bronagh Mac Cinaed. Twin guest rooms, identical in appearance, are named and for the spiritual use of Talien, the founder of the Travelling Caravan, and for Jan McAylwyn, the man from whom the clan takes its name.

Downstairs, there is the main tap room, a large and busy place, a smaller bar set aside in remembrance to the honoured fallen, the Musician's Corner, where the musical go when they have no wish to be disturbed by the general hubbub of tavern's patrons, a lounge, and a dining room, a place where meals more formal than the usual hustle bustle of daily life take place. There is a kitchen too, a place that has regular staff but where most who are capable take their turn, especially when it's busy.

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