Geographical Features

The wide lands of Caledonia have many and varied terrains. There are many different named places, each having it's own distinct habitat and local mythos. Many of these areas are distinct with their own niches within which certain creatures will only live. Others are the setting for events which change the world…the fulcrum upon which destiny turns. Bellow; split into geographical areas can be found specific areas within Caledonia which exemplify are well known throughout the land. These areas do not exclude smaller woods, trans and rivers from having their own special significance.


From woods where the fae play in sun and moonbeams to the depths of the most haunted, unliving choked forests, the trees of Caledonia harbour mystery, wonder and danger. The great greenwoods and dark forests are places which are often an anathema to the more civilized clans. They however can be the as close as kin to those who know their ways.

* Hawkwood
* Hundred Acre Wood
* Invereal Forest
* Rannoch Woods
* Rhiddoroch Forest
* Strathbraan Forest
* Tay Forest
* The Great Forest


* The Eastern Isles
* The Orkney Isles
* The Western Isles
* Other Islands


* Loch Aber
* Loch Awe
* Loch Broom
* Loch Doon
* Loch Earn
* Loch Forth?
* Loch Leyen
* Loch Lomond
* Loch Long
* Loch Maree
* Loch Rannoch
* Loch Tay
* Loch Torridon
* Loch Tyne
* The Great Glen


* The Braedlebane Hills
* The Cairngorms
* The Central Highlands
* The Cragunnock Hills
* The Cullins
* The Grampians
* The Monadhlaith Mountains
* The Strahbraan Hills


* the Abernethy
* The Broom
* The Dee
* The Forth
* the Spey
* The Tay
* The Thorsa
* The Torridon

Roads and Passes

* Glen Orchy
* Vaternish to Skioh

Other Geopgraphical Features

* Alya Glenn Marshes
* Calanish Fields
* Durnish Straits
* Field of Gowan
* Glen Orchy
* Glen Prosser
* Nuada's Field
* Plains of Aei
* Plains of Torment
* The Dagda's Teeth
* The Great Divide
* Torness Swamps

Coloquial Geographical Names

* Glen
* Loch
* Tarn
* The Highlands
* The Islands
* The Lowlands

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