The system of clans which makes up the majority of the population of Caledonia, is a stable, lasting and fair way of living. Each clan has a chief to whom the people owe allegiance and he in turn can call on them to fight in his private warband where necessary. These warbands were originally used to settle disputes which broke out with neighbouring clans over clan boundaries or disputed chieftainships. Now they are taken to the great gatherings of nations to support the Queens and the Lairds.

The Clan itself is akin to an extended family with the chief often chosen from the immediate family of the previous chief. Every child was given two names -a first name and a clan name. Each clan has it's own laws, beliefs and customs. Every clan lives on its own land - the boundaries usually being mountains, lochs and shores, but these are now being divided by the crown. Each clan has it's own tartan which can be an easy way of spotting familial ties. The clans with brightly coloured tartans usually wear a darker one to go hunting. May of the tartans have a history which reaches back to the clan's founding ancestors.

The chief controls the land but returns rents for the land from tenant farmers and smaller clans. They in turn employed farm labourers, known as "cottars" to help with the day-to-day running of the steading. It is the chief's responsibility to ensure that all members of the clan have sufficient land to maintain him or her self. Under the clan system nobody owns the land. Everyone being free to farm and graze the land in order to survive. This equal and fair distribution of the land has honoured by all succeeding Lairds and clan chiefs for generations.

Highland Clans

* Clan Mactrew
* Clan McCaullich
* Clan McFook
* Clan McYokel
* The Bruid

Island Clans

* Clan MacArth
* Clan MacBain
* Clan MacBeth
* Clan MacCumhail
* Clan MacFinn
* Clan McGregor
* Clan McKinnon
* Clan McMead
* Clan O'Leary]
* Clan Orthos
* Clan Trelawney
* Clan Ursa
* The Red Hand Clan

Lowland Clans

* Clan McAylwyn
* Clan Buchannan
* Clan DeLacy
* Clan Mortain
* Clan McKahless
* Clan McGuiness
* Clan McHawkwood
* Clan McLoony
* Clan McPooh
* Clan McTay
* Clan McTwatem
* Clan McSidhe
* Clan McSnaga
* Clan McTaff
* Clan O'Donnell
* Clan Rose
* The Old Invincibles
* The Order of Baruth

Orkadian Clans

* Clan McNorsemen
* Clan Na'Cladach

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