Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones lie two leagues west of the city of Vaternish in eastern Sudrejar. The stones themselves are ancient dolmens which have stood through storm, invasion and cataclysm. They stand on a crest of a heather moor, sentinels against the sky. The moor itself is open and slopes gently to the north. From here can be seen the isle of Leodhus across the Durnish Straits.

The stones are large and wide, sprawling out in the form of a celtic cross. Their napped faces are at their widest forming the avenues of the cross. At the western end of the cross itself there is a circle of smaller menhirs of a different darker stone which form ritual circle itself. These stones are smooth to the touch, not chiseled by the works of man or worn by the weather.

Through the Eastern end of the circle passes the old Vaternish to Skioh road. This trackway actually passes through the stones which form the circle. Whether this is part of the design of the original cirlce or if it has moved over the years is unknown. There is a guardhouse which is located beside this roadway. Built close to the circle itself but towards the eastern end as the circle is prone to violent flares.

The Cataclysm which crushed the isles of west and east Sudrejar into the mainland across the Great Glen severed the link between the Callanish circle and the Leodus transport circle.

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