Caledonia is wild and rugged, vast tracts of uninhabited forest swathe the lowlands, the darker parts of which have never been explored. High peaks are permanently covered in snow and the glens they shelter are difficult to access for those not native to them. The many lochs which bisect the land are deep and hide mysteries which the men who live near them shun when the sun goes down.

It is a hard country which breeds hard men and women. But that hardness, whilst sharp as a knife is tempered by honour, wisdom and compassion. The Clans of Caledonia are brave and true to one another, the ties of family binding them closer than any edict or law. To this honour is added glory, won in battle by wit or by blade, for this is a land of warrior poets, the history of the people and the land alive in song and story.

A hard land also breads harsh foes. The people of the clans must compete with bears, wolves and birds for the prey of the woods and their own cattle. There are also darker things which lurk at the fringes of the forests and mountains. In addition to these monsters, both scaled and furred there are the tribes of primitive creatures, mostly of the orcs, goblins and ogre races. Due to past conflicts, the majority of these non humans and unintelligent species are uncommon in some parts of Caledonia, particularly the highly cultivated areas. However there are many regions where few or no people live, and crossing these wild places can be a risky endeavor…

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