Legends of Baruth, Lord of the Icy Wastes, Seer of Souls

The legend of Baruth says that he was once a mortal man, greater than most, but mortal nonetheless. He lived on the edge of the land of eternal winter, his clan surviving in the harshness of snow and ice. They began to be troubled each year by a fearsome creature of the night, it came seldom, but when it came, none could stand against it. With a mere touch it could freeze a man solid,- it's breath would roll in on the village, a fog of such denseness tales tell of men swimming to move, not running. The carnage left in it's wake shattered men's spirits.

Having fought the creature in vain, Baruth, as Clan leader, could no longer stand the creatures predations and vowed to track this creature to the ends of the earth. He left, taking only his friend Talon with him into the waste. Three winters passed, with the attacks continuing,- the village assumed that the men were lost to the cold or the beast and mourned their passing. As is the way when hardship abounds, there is never much time for mourning, life went on.

In the winter of the fourth year, a blizzard of unbelievable ferocity set in and blew for 2 weeks without cease. At midnight of the fourteenth day an indescribable animal roar ripped through the village striking all who heard dumb with fear and levelling half the settlement. The wind stopped dead.

In that lull, the clouds cleared, revealing a full moon to light the scene. Those men and women that could, struggled from their homes into the pale light expecting to fight the beast and die, but fight nonetheless.

Baruth stood at the edge of the ruined village, a hawk on one shoulder and a snowy owl on the other, mist seeming to roll off him. Striding into the village clad only in thin furs, he bade all to stay back from him. Those who did not felt an icy cold pierce them through to the bone. His eyes were said to have shone azure blue from a cold, white face.

The birds took flight and mist rose around Baruth spreading to cover the whole settlement. When it cleared, all sign of damage and injury was gone, as was Baruth. Just the hawk remained, circling high in the air, silhouetted against the moon, watching over the village.

Many tales abound of what happened to Baruth, how he lost his friend Talon, his continuing fight with the beast who was not killed, only injured, and many others. He has mastery over all creatures of the sky, seeing all from afar. We are reminded of his presence every winter, when his closeness is felt by every mortal, biting through any protection.

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