Ancient History

Caledonia is mostly a land of hardy elves and fae (who know it as Alba), the most famous of which were Clan McSidhe who shared the Great Forest with small tribes of goblins. Independent semi-nomadic Picta Clans mostly peopled the North East of Alba, while central, western and southern lands were populated with Celts.

One of the greatest battles with the Formor took place on the island of Muile. The ritual circle there, known as Nuada's Field, was shut down to prevent its mis-use by the Formor.

Orcs begin diminishing in numbers in the southern lowlands as humans cleared forests for farming.

Beren MacBain ( who constructed Beren's Mace, a mighty artefact that exists to this very day, though it is now dormant) undertakes a quest and vanishes into the mists of time.

Douglas the Insatiable of Colloden (founder of the Clan MacTrew) and his 2 brothers were ambushed by a Foamorian raiding party whilst hunting the haggis. Douglas shocked his brethren by changing into some form of were-bear and defeating the Formor. In shock of the beast within, the hearth council banished Douglas and his kin to the northwest isles and removed the right to wear the kilt from the clan.

Betsy, a wild highland cow was struck by lightning and such was the magic of the place and time that her nature and being did change. She became a creature of magic and wisdom and gave birth to a human son, who she named Yokel, for she knew that he was first of a great clan and that all life begins from a yolk.

Betsy transformed herself into a raven and flew away to Arcadia. With the magical protection of Betsy gone, the pleasant lands of the Clan McYokel attracted the envious eye of Balor and his Foamorii. They besieged the castle and the clan fled to south west of Albion, where they remained, having been promised by the fae that they could keep the Formori out of Caledonia for 28 generations.

Two of the bloodiest wars in the history of Orkneyjar took place. Th great chieftain, Morda was slain and the site, Morda's Field is named after him.

Lugh Lamfada (Lugh of the Long Arm) steps into the great black portal at the base of Balor's Tower on Sour Ivist and disappears.

One of the most ferocious battles with the Formor takes place at Callanish Fields, west of Vaternish. Nuada of the Silver hand was slain here along with one of Balor's sons.

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